One way of working with the power of gemstones and crystals is to keep them with you by wearing them as jewellery.  When I first set up my website back in 2009 I began making simple gemstone and crystal chakra bracelets.  I still make chakra bracelets, but now I also design and make pendants, earrings, necklaces, blessings bracelets, and affirmation bracelets - not forgetting suncatchers, bag charms, bookmarks and pet charms!  All my jewellery is made by me with love and blessed with Reiki energy.

The belief in the healing powers of crystals and gemstones goes back thousands of years, being found in the healing arts of Ancient Egypt, traditional Chinese Medicine, and Indian Ayurvedic practices.

Everything in the Universe, including gemstones, is made up of energy.  The unique molecular structure of each gemstone vibrates and resonates with the subtle energy systems of the body, helping to realign, balance, stimulate and strengthen the chakras and to clear and protect the aura.

I create all my jewellery in an atmosphere of peace, love and positive energy.  I first cleanse the gemstones to remove any negative vibrations they may have absorbed, then charge them with healing Reiki energy.  After each piece of jewellery is made, it's then blessed again to increase its positive energy.

All gemstone jewellery is presented in a protective velveteen drawstring pouch, and comes with an information leaflet about gemstones and chakras, and a card describing your jewellery.




There is no extra charge for postage and packing by Royal Mail First Class post to UK addresses unless otherwise stated.  For orders outside the UK please add the relevant postal surcharge which you can find on the postage and packing page. Thank you!
The exact colour of the jewellery you receive may differ slightly from the online photographs.  This is due to the unique nature of each individual gemstone.