For many people the new academic year often means a new beginning, whether it's starting a new job or returning to education. This can cause a whole range of fears, from anxiety about fitting in with a new group of people, to worries regarding learning new skills and assimilating new information.

Fortunately there are many gemstones and crystals that can help on this new journey! 


A stone of courage, Amazonite's soothing energy calms the mind, relieves stress and helps to overcome fears and worries. It helps you solve your problems by combining logical thought with intuition. It also inspires creativity, communication and personal expression. It can also bring success at work by helping you focus and be in the right place at the right time.


Amethyst improves the memory, aids focus and gives mental clarity. It helps in the assimilation of new ideas and helps you make wise decisions. It strengthens self-esteem, helps you cope with new responsibilities and improves negotiating skills. 


Apatite improves the memory and aids concentration. It encourages an outgoing attitude, instils confidence in group situations and enhances clear communication.


Aquamarine brings mental clarity by filtering out irrelevant or unimportant thoughts, which is helpful when studying. It helps to clear away confusion and strengthens awareness and understanding. It calms the mind and is supportive during times of stress, relieving feelings of anxiety and panic.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian stimulates mental clarity, aids concentration and opens the mind to new ideas. It also counteracts negative self-judgement and disperses negative thoughts from others. It is believed that wearing an Obsidian arrowhead can help counteract bullying. 

Black Onyx

This gemstone is useful if you're easily distracted, as it improves concentration and helps you think logically and make wise decisions. Its grounding energy gives strength and determination during times of stress and helps you feel comfortable in new surroundings. It increases self-confidence and helps you stand up for yourself and your beliefs while staying calm and in control.

Black Tourmaline

This highly protective crystal boosts self-confidence and encourages a positive attitude by calming and balancing the emotions and removing fears, tension and worries. Black Tourmaline's grounding energy stabilises scattered energies and increases physical vitality. It also stimulates clear, logical and rational thought.


The grounding and protective energy of Bloodstone wards off negative influences and helps you become more assertive, making it easier to set personal boundaries. It may also help protect against emotional or verbal bullying. It gives strength and courage to cope with new or unexpected circumstances, relieves emotional stress and has a revitalising action on physical and mental exhaustion, restoring energy and mental clarity.

Blue Aventurine

Blue Aventurine strengthens communication skills and improves mental agility, concentration and focus. It has a calming and balancing effect on the emotions, encouraging a positive outlook.

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony opens the mind to new ideas, improves the memory and assists in the learning and assimilation of new information. It enhances listening skills and all forms of communication, improving both mental and verbal dexterity.

Blue Jasper

Blue Jasper bestows courage, assertiveness and determination. It helps you think on your feet and improves organisational abilities. Its peaceful energy is supportive during stressful times.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate helps calm and focus the mind, improves concentration and helps you think clearly. It calms and balances the emotions and strengthens communication skills.


Carnelian improves the memory, sharpens concentration and aids the decision-making process. It also stimulates problem-solving skills, analytical capabilities and precision.


Citrine encourages a sunny, positive outlook, encouraging you to enjoy new experiences, and its calming properties help to relieve fears and worries. It enhances concentration and analytical skills. It helps to energise and revitalise the mind and body after long periods of study.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz raises energy levels, improves the memory and aids concentration. Its ability to help you think clearly improves perception and understanding.


Fluorite encourages quick thinking and assists in rapid learning and assimilation of new information. It aids concentration and promotes a deep understanding of complex ideas.

Green Aventurine

This gemstone enhances creative expression, decisiveness and leadership qualities. In the workplace it increases opportunities by encouraging you to believe in yourself and your own talents.


This grounding gemstone aids concentration, focus and determination.


This uplifting gemstones boosts self-confidence, self-belief, self-respect and self-esteem. Its calming energy releases fear, doubt, worry and anxiety and instils a positive, optimistic attitude. It encourages self-discipline, energy and commitment to see your projects through to completion. Hemimorphite instils enthusiasm to stop you putting things off until the last minute and assists in breaking tasks down into manageable steps. It also improves productivity by helping you focus and ignore distractions.

Lapis Lazuli

A gemstone of wisdom, honesty, integrity and compassion, Lapis Lazuli gives mental clarity and strengthens organisational skills. It aids the learning process by stimulating the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding and improves the memory. It also enhances communication and social skills, helping you make new friends in the classroom or in the workplace.


Lepidolite aids concentration by filtering out distractions which helps you focus on what is important. It strengthens objectivity and rational thought which can help improve decision making. A stone of change and transition, it's believed to attract supportive colleagues and friends to you, together with opportunities to succeed.


Malachite encourages a sense of adventure, helps to overcome shyness, awakens the desire for knowledge and promotes understanding of new concepts and ideas.

Moss Agate

This optimistic gemstone inspires hope and trust, strengthens self-esteem and self-expression, and helps balance the emotions. By helping you communicate clearly, it enhances your ability to get on with other people.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper assists in tackling worries and problems, helping you distinguish between unnecessary worries and those which need to be dealt with. Its dynamic energy gives you the courage to face challenging situations. It helps you become more assertive, to set boundaries and stand up for yourself. Red Jasper relieves stress and supports you in keeping cheerful, optimistic and focused on whatever the day brings. It strengthens organisational skills, encouraging you to see projects through to completion. 


This calming crystal soothes stress and anxiety, especially when facing exams, presentations or other new or challenging situations. It improves the memory, increases confidence and accentuates your talents and abilities. It is also helpful for learning new languages.

Smoky Quartz

This calming crystal reduces stress and fear of failure. It strengthens concentration and alleviates difficulties with communication.


Sodalite strengthens intuition, enhances rational thought and stimulates new ideas, and its calming energy makes it easier to take on new information. It increases self-esteem and self-awareness, and helps you stand up for yourself, speak your truth, and stay true to your beliefs.

Tiger's Eye

The calming energy of Tiger's Eye balances the two hemispheres of the brain, enhancing perception and awareness. At times our minds can become overloaded with information, making it difficult to think clearly. Tiger's Eye gives mental clarity and focus, helping us to organise our thoughts and work through our problems. It aids concentration and assists in retaining new knowledge. Its golden energy creates a sunny disposition and a positive attitude. It encourages creative expression without feelings of self-consciousness or self-judgement. By increasing feelings of self-worth, it helps you to realise your talents and abilities.


Turquoise helps you communicate more clearly and effectively, especially when writing or speaking in public. It helps to calm any nerves and enables you to get your views across truthfully and honestly. It also enhances creative expression, promotes leadership skills and heightens intuition.

Yellow Calcite

This uplifting and energising gemstone is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. It is believed to boost energy levels and by increasing self-belief and motivation, helps to transform your ideas into actions. It may be useful to wear Yellow Calcite if you're studying for exams or need to think clearly, as it's said to aid the memory and help you focus.