Welcome Spring into your Home!

Make the most of the Spring energy by clearing your clutter and creating a sacred space in your home.

Although there's still a chill in the air and the possibility of snow remains, the days are becoming noticeably longer.  Spring is almost here, a time of new beginnings, and a traditional time for welcoming in the warmer days and new growth of the season.  Every culture has its own traditions and customs.  Some rituals can be very complicated, but by using simple methods, your imagination and the power of positive intention you can bring a little springtime magical energy into your home and into your life.

Energy can be absorbed by its surroundings and you don't need to be psychic to be affected by it.  If you've visited the site of a battlefield, or sat in a place of worship, you'll be aware of the different atmosphere of each place.  Our homes are no different.  Imagine a room where a heated argument has taken place, compared with a room which has been witness to a joyful celebration.  In the first example, the atmosphere is dark and heavy, or even threatening.  You may even see or feel the negative emotions of fate, fear and anger hanging in the air like a dense fog.  In the second example, the room's energy vibration is bright, light, warm and welcoming.  Other examples would be the peaceful, calm mood in a room used for meditation, and the heavy, stagnant energy in an unused room used only for storage.

Negative or stagnant energy can deplete your own energy, making you feel tired, drained and lethargic.  Removing the negative energy and filling your home with positive vibrations will help you feel more comfortable in your surroundings.  It can also help concentration, stimulate creativity, aid meditation and help you feel more confidence and optimistic.

Creating order out of chaos

The first step is to clear out your cupboards, shelves and storage areas - you may be amazed at how many things you've accumulated over the years!  Get rid of any items you no longer want or need, especially if they hold unpleasant memories or emotions.  Give them to someone who needs them, take them to your local charity shop or recycle them.  Repair any broken objects:  according to Feng Shui principles, anything broken holds negative energy.  Thoroughly clean your cupboards and put back only the things you really want to keep.  Remember that by removing the outdated and unwanted, you're providing a space for new energy, new opportunities and new experiences into your life!

Sort through your paperwork, shredding anything you no longer need, and filing what you have to keep.  Put all your important documents in a safe place where you can find them easily.

Take a good look around every room in your home as if you were viewing it for the first time.  How does each room make you feel?  Are there any alterations you'd like to make, perhaps moving the furniture around or making changes to the colour scheme?  Do the pictures, photographs or ornaments have positive associations, or are you surrounded by objects which conjure up unpleasant feelings or memories?  Remove anything that has negative associations.  Also take any dead flowers or withering houseplants out of the house as they symbolise stagnant energy.

This first stage will take some time, but will provide a good foundation for the remainder of your house cleansing.

Cleaning and clearing

The next step is to clean the house from top to bottom, using natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products wherever possible.  Keep your mind focused on cleaning away any negative energy, and hold the intention of creating a positive environment.  Choose a bright, clear day, and open enough windows to allow the fresh air to circulate around your home.  Clean the windows to allow the maximum amount of sunlight to enter the room, first cleaning in an anticlockwise movement to remove any dirt, and polishing in a clockwise movement to add positive energy.  Mirrors can also be cleaned this way to reflect more light.

Dense energy can collect on floors, so sweep or vacuum these thoroughly, using the same anticlockwise/clockwise movement if you wish.  If you don't already have a house rule to remove footwear when entering your home, it could be something to consider - it isn't just dirt from outside which can come into your house on the soles of shoes, but also heavy energy.

Raising the vibration

After physically cleaning the house, it's time to clear the energy in the atmosphere.  The following are only simple suggestions for energy clearing, and there are many excellent books available if you'd like to look into this subject in more detail.

Begin by taking a warm bath or shower, or if this isn't possible, wash your hands and remove your shoes so your feet are connected with the earth.  Stand quietly for a few moments and connect with your angels, guides, or source of love and light, depending on your belief system.  Ask for their help to clear away any unwanted energy, and request that your home is filled with positive loving energy.  You may like to visualise a pure, white healing light above your head, flowing through you and around you, gradually moving out to fill every corner of your home.

Using sound

Sound is a traditional energy cleanser used in many different cultures.  You can use a small drum, gong, bells, Tibetan singing bowls or chimes, or if none of these are available, you can clap your hands to create sound vibrations to enliven the energy.  Starting at your front door, walk around your home, drumming, ringing or clapping the air, paying attention to the corners of each room where stale energy can settle.  When you've finished, stand in the centre of each room, ring a small bell or chime, and feel the vibrations carrying through the air and filling the whole space.  Finish with a short prayer or positive affirmation that the room is blessed with loving energy.

Fire power

Many traditions use burning incense or smudge sticks to purify the energy in a room.  A similar effect can be achieved with a lighted candle, visualising the flame dissolving and burning away all negativity.  A candle can be carried around each room with the sole intention of removing stale energy.  Remember not to leave burning candles unattended and dispose of them safely when you've finished working with them.

Other methods

Essential oils can be used in an oil burner or diffuser to cleanse the air.  Juniper Berry in particular is useful for purifying and cleansing subtle energies.  A bowl of sea salt can be left in a room to collect stale energy.


When you've finished, give thanks to your angels, guides, or the source of love and light which has helped you to cleanse and re-energise your home.  You may like to take a shower or warm bath with cleansing sea salt to remove any residual energy from your aura.  The hard work is done, and it's time to thing about the small touches that can liven up your surroundings!

The finishing touches

Does your home reflect your personality, your beliefs and your hopes for the future?  Your living environment can have a big effect on what you attract into your life.  Even something as simple as an inspiring photograph or painting on the wall can help to focus your energy.  Surround yourself with things that lift your spirits and symbolise what you'd like to bring into your life.

If you share your living space with other people you may have to compromise, buy try to ensure that everyone feels comfortable in their surroundings.

Natural Elements

The natural elements of earth, water, air and fire can breathe new life into your environment.


The earth symbolises stability, nourishment and security.  Place crystals and objects made from wood in your rooms to bring this element into your home.  Also add fresh flowers and houseplants.  Moisture-loving plants will thrive well in kitchens and bathrooms.  On the subject of bathrooms, always keep the seat down when flushing the toilet - this will prevent your wealth being flushed out of the house, and on a more mundane level, will prevent airborne bacteria from flying into the room!


The water element represents feeling and emotions.  You can bring this element into your home with an indoor waterfall, or a tropical fish tank.  Another way to use water is by using a water spray.  Half fill a spray container with spring water, add 1-2 drops of essential oils, shake well to mix and spray into the air.  Oils to try are:  Pine for freshness; Juniper Berry for cleansing; Orange for vitality or Lavender for relaxation.  As essential oils are not water-soluble, you'll need to shake the container well before each use.  Be careful not to spray near electrical equipment, polished wood or delicate fabrics.


The element of air corresponds to thought processes and intellect.  Open windows whenever you can to allow fresh, clean air to move around your rooms.  You can also hang wind chimes or a mobile to catch the breeze, or burn incense to symbolise this energy.


Fire symbolises passion, drive and enthusiasm.  If you're luck enough to have an open fire in your room, why not burn a few logs and feel the energy of the flames?  You can also light candles to bring this energy into your home - choose a colour to suit your mood, or try yellow, green or white for springtime.  The fiery energy of the sun can also be increased by hanging crystals in your windows.

Also keep in mind the effects of sound and colour in your surroundings.  Play uplifting or calming music, depending on your mood and add splashes of colour to change the ambience of your room.  Generally speaking, neutral shades, pale blues and greens are calming, while vibrant shades, reds and oranges are enlivening.  However, experiment with what ever appeals to you and have fun!

May the new, positive vibrations in your home bring you happiness, joy and inspiration!