Banishing the Blues!

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes right, or you feel low for no apparent reason?  It can happen to even the most positive person, but what causes it and what can you do to restore your balance?

How do you feel?

Can you describe how you're feeling?  On the surface, you may feel sad, tired, fed up, disappointed or let down, but if you look a little deeper you may find you're holding on to other negative emotions, such as anger, grief or guilt.  Can you think of an event, conversation or thought that triggered your current bout of the blues?  Sometimes it can be due to a combination of experiences which build up over time until you feel everything in your life is going wrong.  Try a writing exercise to find out what's really getting you down.  On a blank sheet of paper write down everything you're feeling, what's worrying you and anything that's on your mind.  Be completely honest with yourself as no one else is going to see this, and keep writing until you've released everything you've been holding back.  When you've finished, read it through to see if this clarifies your situation.  Are there recurring issues you can deal with now or at a later date?  If so, write them down on a separate piece of paper to be dealt with when you're feeling stronger.  If what you've written is more along the lines of a general rant, be prepared to let it all go.  Burn the sheet of paper and as the written words are consumed by the flames, visualise the emotions disappearing with them.

Find out the facts

If any issues have arisen from your writing exercise, avoid falling into the trap of 'awfulizing' - imagining the situation is worse than it is or expecting the worst possible outcome.  For example, you've had a disagreement with your boss, so therefore you just know you're going to lose your job and no one will ever emply you again; you've split up with your partner, therefore you're totally unlovable and will never find love again!  I wouldn't suggest for one minute that you bury your head in the sand, but find out the facts and don't worry about things that may never happen:  you can cross that bridge if and when you come to it.  And don't make irreversible life-changing decisions when you're feeling down!

Listen to your body

Maybe all's fine and dandy in your life, but you're still feeling emotionally out of sorts.  Are you stressed out, overworked or overtired?  Check you're giving yourself enough time for rest and relaxation, taking regular exercise and that you're eating a well-balanced diet.

Don't beat yourself up!

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone will own up to it.  If someone tells you they never make a mistake, they're either forgetful, need to get out more, or they're not trying hard enough!  We all do the best we can and learn from our mistakes.  If guilt is one of the negative emotions you're dealing with at the moment, apologise, ask for forgiveness and then forgive yourself.  If you feel it will help, make amends in a relevant way.


There was a time when being sensitive, whether to energies or other people's feelings - and more aware of our own emotions - was looked down on or discouraged.  Thankfully this is changing as an increasing number of people become more intuitive and realise the value of compassion and empathy.  Remember that being sensitive, or what some would disparagingly call 'over sensitive', is not a character fault - you've been made this way for a purpose!  However, you do need to protect yourself from negativity to prevent your subtle energy field from becoming drained.  Keep yourself grounded and practice energy-clearing and strengthening techniques.  Don't forget to protect your aura before spending time with other people.  This is especially important if you work in the field of healing or spend time with people dealing with difficult issues.

Move your body

Even the way you hold your body can affect the way you feel.  Keep your head up, your spine erect and your shoulders back to allow yourself to breathe fully and enable the subtle energies to flow through you.  Exercise to get your circulation moving and release your body's own natural feel-good chemicals.  If you can take a brisk walk outside, even better, as connecting with the natural world can help to restore your sense of stability.


Get active:  sort out your sock drawer, weed the garden or finish the pile of ironing that's been taunting you for the past week.  At the end of the day, even if it's been a bad one, at least you can congratulate yourself on having achieved something.


Finding something to be thankful for focuses the mind on the positive, rather than the negative aspects of life.  What are you grateful for in your life at this moment?

Keep your faith

So you're a good person.  You follow the tenets of your chosen belief system to the letter (well, most of the time!).  You're honest, considerate, kind and helpful to everyone, but still things refuse to go your way.  It's a sad fact, but bad things happen to everyone - even the great and good.  Maybe you feel you've been deserted by your God/Goddess/Angels, or the Universe is playing games with you?  When life seems bleak it can be hard to keep your faith, yet this is the time when we need it the most.  Believing in a higher power can help us to see the bigger picture or at least understand that everything happens for a reason.  Hold firm to your beliefs, pray, meditate or talk to your Angels, even if you think no one is listening.

Do something for someone else

Helping someone else shifts your focus away from your own needs and makes you feel good.  Take your elderly neighbour's dog for a walk, or volunteer to help them carry their shopping.  Even the smallest gesture can make a difference.  If you're a healer, why not send healing energy to somewhere in the world where it's needed?

Is it the Blues or Depression?

If you've been feeling low for some time, this could be due to a medical condition or a sign of depression.  Get yourself checked out by your GP - especially if there are any other health issues preying on your mind.

This too shall pass

Although today may be difficult, remember that nothing stays the same forever.  When you're surrounded by a fog of negative emotions it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Keep your thoughts positive - things will get better!