We live in a world of energetic forces, which although invisible, often affect us more than we realise, physically, mentally and psychically.  Working with energies and becoming more psychically aware can heighten our sensitivity to these forces and disturb our subtle energy fields, so we need to protect ourselves from potentially harmful energies.

Three of the most common causes of such energies come from EMFs, psychic or thought-based confrontation and geopathic stress.  In part 2 of this series of articles, I'm focussing on psychic protection, in particular, general protection we can use in our everyday lives to keep our subtle energy bodies strong and resilient to everyday negative energies.  Psychic attack, on the other hand, which is directed specifically with the intent to harm, is best dealt with by someone who is an expert in that field.

Everyday negative energies are often generated by harmful thoughts or words rather than physical actions (although we can sometimes feel them in our physical bodies) and are not always meant to be malicious.  We can also create negativity in our own energy fields when angry, fearful or worried, when we're unwell or our lifestyles are unhealthy or out of balance.

Balanced Lifestyle

We can start by having a healthy, balanced lifestyle:  Keeping our physical bodies as healthy as we can, eating nutritious food, taking regular exercise and getting enough relaxation and sleep.  Keep a healthy work/life balance, as overwork can lead to emotional burnout, leaving you vulnerable to negative ways of thinking.

Staying Grounded

This is especially important if you spend a lot of time doing spiritual work or meditating.  Always remember to close your chakras to a safe level before leaving your safe meditation space and going out into the world.  Getting out into nature and feeling the solidity of the Earth under your feet will help you to feel strong and supported.

Think Positive!

Thoughts and words are very powerful, so guard them carefully, remembering that everything you send out comes back to you!  If you find yourself having negative thoughts about other people, try viewing them from a higher perspective and with compassion.  Tempting though it is to join in with gossip, talking about other people in a negative way can have damaging effects even if the person you're talking about isn't within earshot.  This also applies to the way you think and talk about yourself.


When you're out and about, how aware are you of your surroundings?  Use all of your senses and listen to your intuition.  Practising mindfulness, a state where you're relaxed but completely aware of everything going on around you will make you more aware of any possible dangers.  This is also important for your physical safety.  Without wanting to sound like an old killjoy, walking around listening to music through earphones can give you a false sense of security.  By blocking out the sounds around you, you may feel safe in your own world, but would you be aware of anyone walking up behind you?


Whatever your spiritual belief system, you can always ask for help.  Whether you believe in Angels, Spirit Guardians or other benevolent forces, you can always call on them for protection.

Protective Shields

There are many ways of creating an energy shield around your subtle energy bodies which use the powers of visualisation and intention.  Two of the simple ones are the Egg or Bubble of Light, and the Cloak.

The Egg or Bubble of Light

Imagine tree roots growing down from your feet in the ground below.  Take three or four deep breaths and then slow down your breathing to a relaxed rhythm.  Imagine and sense that you are surrounded by a transparent protective bubble or egg which protects you from negative vibrations.  Spend a while sensing the bubble all around you:  over your head, under your feet, in front of you, behind you - surrounding you with protection.  Sense that your own vibrations can exit through the membrane of the bubble and that only good, positive energies can come in.

The Cloak

Again imagine roots growing down from your feet, connecting you with the Earth.  Relax and breathe deeply and slowly.  Visualise yourself wrapped in a protective cloak, which covers you from the top of your head down to the floor.  This can be any colour you choose, although a deep blue is said to offer especially good protection.


Gemstones and crystals can be used to strengthen and safeguard your subtle energy fields, especially if they have been programmed for protection.  The most readily available gemstones for psychic protection include:

Amethyst - protects against psychic attack and strengthens the aura

Black Tourmaline - provides a powerful protective psychic shield around the aura

Bloodstone - cleanses the aura and protects against undesirable influences

Citrine - cleanses, repairs and aligns the aura

Clear Quartz - cleanses, protects and strengthens the aura

Fluorite - provides psychic protection by forming a psychic shield around the aura

Hematite - prevents negative energies from entering the aura

Labradorite - deflects negative energies away from the aura

Lapis Lazuli - blocks psychic attack

Moss Agate - protects the aura by filtering out impurities and negativity

Smoky Quartz - grounds energy and removes negative energy vibrations from the aura

Turquoise - protects and dispels negative energy


You can benefit from using gemstones for protection in the following ways:

  • Carry your gemstone in a pouch or wear as jewellery.
  • Place your chosen crystal in your room.
  • Hang crystals and gemstones in a window.
  • Soak your gemstone in a cup of mineral water for 8 hours and add to your bath water.  Keep a gemstone specifically for this purpose as prolonged soaking can damage some gemstones.

Gemstone Protection Bracelets are available in my Jewellery Shop.


Essential Oils

You can also use essential oils to cleanse, strengthen and protect your energy field.  These oils are very powerful so should be used sparingly.  If you're uncertain about using these oils, always check with a qualified Aromatherapist before using them.

Juniper Berryjuniperus communis (avoid if you're pregnant, have high blood pressure or kidney disease).

Rosemary - rosmarinus officinalis (avoid if you're pregnant, have high blood pressure or epilepsy)

Fennel - foeniculum vulgare (avoid if you're pregnant or have epilepsy)

Pine - pinus sylvestris (avoid if you have sensitive skin)

Eucalptus - eucalyptus globulus (avoid if you have high blood pressure, epilepsy or are taking homeopathic remedies)

Ways to use your Essential Oils

  • Cleanse your environment of negative energy by using a few drops of essential oil in a burner or diffuser.
  • Purify the atmosphere by using a room spray:  Add essential oil and water to a clean spray bottle, using around 10 drops to each 100ml of water.  Spray into the air, avoiding polished wooden furniture and electrical equipment, and shake well before each use as essential oil doesn't dissolve in water.
  • Add 3-4 drops of essential oil to a dispersant and add to your bath.  Not many drops are needed as they are working on the subtle energy bodies.
  • Rub one drop of oil between your palms and smooth your hands over your aura, starting at the top of your head and moving down to the floor.  Each time your hands reach the floor, visualise all the negative energy leaving to and flowing down into the Earth.


It's important not to spend too much time thinking about negativity, as we can attract the things we focus on.  Be aware of what's going on around you, protect yourself when necessary and keep your thoughts positive!