Guided Visualisations to relax, revive and refresh you, and An Introduction to Basic Relaxation Techniques, using a variety of exercises and techniques to help you relax.


An Introduction to Basic Relaxation Techniques

One of the best ways to deal with stress is to learn how to relax completely.  Complete relaxation calms the mind, steadies the emotions, relieves physical tension, and allows the body to recuperate.

An Introduction to Basic Relaxation Techniques uses four different exercises to help you find the technique that works best for you:

Breathing Awareness - becoming conscious of your breathing, and learning to breathe deeply and slowly to calm your mind and body.

Muscle Tension and Relaxation - consciously contracting and relaxing different muscle groups in sequence.

Body Awareness - focusing on each area of your body, becoming aware of any tension, and learning how to release it.

Guided Visualisation - taking you on a journey in your imagination to a place of peace and tranquillity.  This triggers the body's natural relaxation response and focuses the mind.



On the Beach at Sunset

This visualisation takes you to a quiet beach, where the peace and solitude gives you the space to think about your hopes and dreams.

Against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset, you can begin to feel your connection with the world and your place within it.



A Walk in the Countryside

In this guided visualisation, you will be using the power of your mind to travel on a journey through the countryside.  Starting in a tranquil meadow, and taking in the beauty of a verdant wood with a sparkling, crystal stream, the walk continues in a steep climb to the top of a grassy hill, where you can gain a higher perspective.

This visualisation will help to strengthen your connection with nature, and reinforce your self-belief and self-confidence. 



The Temple of Wisdom

This guided visualisation will take your mind to a place of peace and clarity - your own temple of wisdom in the middle of an ancient forest.  In this temple you can seek advice and guidance and find the solutions to your problems by connecting to a higher wisdom.